Part 6: Can you sell my business too?

This is the question I am asked after explaining to some entrepreneurs what we do and how we sell businesses. And it's normal to be like that.

As I said before, we want to sell only businesses of people like Dan and avoid any contact with people like Basil.

Because the number of people like Basil is very large, we appreciate even more those who are like Dan.


That's why we try not to refuse any collaboration with a Dan type owner.

But we can't help everyone at once and do it in a way that we can all be happy with the results.

It was never about attracting and working with so many companies at once. In fact, we only want a maximum of 24 companies each year and another 12 to prepare for sale in the next 12-18 months.

Thus we have to schedule work with each company.

In the coming weeks we will be able to introduce another 3-4 companies to sell.

If you are not in a hurry and can wait, give us some information about you and your business by clicking on the button below:

Usually the wait lasts between 20-60 days

In the meantime we will send you some emails with information about what we can do for you, how we will work together, and what we can prepare while we wait in order to use this time usefully.


I hope you enjoyed this manifesto.