Selling a Business's just one of the ways out of your business

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Selling a Business is for Entrepreneurs who:


  • Do not have a family member who wants to carry the business forward

  • Have an active business, which can be transferred and has value to a certain buyer - that is, it is not a liquidation business

  • Really want to sell their business–not just "test it out" and play with the idea of ​​selling it

  • Want concrete results in a few months and do not want to wait years for their phone to ring

  • Realize that selling their business is probably the most important selling point in their lives that requires collaboration and teamwork: they should focus 100% on their business, and others should help them look for and contact potential investors.

  • Consider that, like any other sale, it requires continuous search and contact of the most suitable companies and people able to take it over.

  • Take the risk that the business will not sell because most of the factors are beyond their control or their M&A consultant - so that the expenses incurred in finding and contacting potential investors will not be able to be recovered later.

  • Want verified methods of selling a business and someone to apply them systematically, working every day for 6-12 months to sell their business.

  • The secret: In order to be able to sell your business at a premium price and not give the buyer the opportunity to reduce the offered price at the final negotiation, the performance of the business must be at its maximum, as it may never have been before. For this, the Entrepreneur must focus only on the smooth operation of the business, leaving others to seek and contact investors, working systematically, day by day in this regard. In order to have bargaining power you will need as many investors interested in taking over your business as possible.

If the above resonates with you, then continue reading. We believe that what we have to offer will delight you and help you find the desired buyer for your business, conceding it in the best possible conditions and with a smile on your face.

Business Sales - The Manifesto

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Manifesto: Business Sales

The hidden truth about online business sales

This Manifesto is about the real, lesser known part of selling a business. I will not make too many friends in the field by saying the following. But whatever the consequences, it must be said.

Business Sales Service

The Business Sales Service covers a wide range of verified methods for finding and contacting investors or buyers of the business, in a unique and different way from any other companies in the field.

By “a wide range” of methods I mean five different search methods, used in specific proportions for each company with the ultimate goal of the Entrepreneur to receive at least 4 concrete offers to take over his business.

The combination of methods is unique because each company is unique in its own way, which requires a personalized approach, different for each individual.

(In some cases, the sale of the business may be completed in the first stage through a partnership, which will take over the entire business in the next period.)

Example (short and real):

  • You receive six concrete offers to take over your business following the searches and contacts of potential investors or buyers within about six months.

(By the way, you can do these searches and contacts yourself or we can do them for you, as part of this service.)

  • You will be able to set up a meeting with three of them (or possibly all of them) to get to know them and have the first direct negotiations.

  • Some of them will seem more serious and trustworthy than others. You can put them on your short list and pay more attention to them.

  • You can sign Letters of Intent with one or more investors and start the due diligence stage (the process of checking your business by the investors) with one or more of them - we will advise you throughout the sale to always know which is the best way for you.

  • You will also be helped in the final negotiation in order to obtain the best conditions for the sale of your business.

In about 12 months, the sale of your business will be completed with a big smile on your face.

Of course the example above is a brief one. There are many steps and issues to solve that I did not mention in order to keep a bird’s eye view over the whole process.

Instead of always choosing a single way to search and contact investors, regardless of the business that is for sale, we will create a unique mix of ways that is optimal for selling a particular business.


Instead of contacting anyone with a takeover proposal, we will create specific lists for each investor segment. We will adapt the CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) to the specifics of the business and to its strengths that are important for them.

This is the essence of the Business Sales service.

What could follow after selling the business?

Successfully completing your current adventure with your business will give you the courage and experience to start another business.

We would be happy if that is what you would like to do in the future.

Some Entrepreneurs prefer to get involved in other projects with no direct connection to business. Later, most will return to their "first love" by starting a new business. They will be more mature and with a different mind this time around.

Others just want to be able to enjoy life and do something they may have only dreamed of until then. It often happens that the money received for their business helps them for the rest of their lives - possibly adjusting their future expenses according to the amounts received.

If all this suits you, sign up for our waiting list. Usually in a maximum of 60 days we will have free resources (or we will create them during this time) in order to be able to deal optimally with the sale of your business, too.

I'm sure the end will be "with a smile on your face" - which I keep mentioning.

Any questions you may have about selling your business can be asked here. We will respond to you within a maximum of 48 hours, helping you throughout the sale of your business (even if you have chosen to work with others or on your own).

You can smile from now on! :)

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- Feri Lorincz