We are Entrepreneurs.


We are Entrepreneurs, not experts.

Experts take the beaten path. They do well at what they do.

Surely, very few of them will ever ask themselves, “Why do we do it this way and not that way?” Or “How could we achieve a much better result than we are used to?”

For that you have to be an Entrepreneur.


You have to feel and think like an Entrepreneur.


Being an Entrepreneur means you are also a Creator.

Entrepreneurs are the real innovators in any field we look at–not the experts.

We do not want to be seen as experts.


We are entrepreneurs. We have chosen to focus on one area because we have noticed that there is a great struggle here.


And this area turned out to be ripe with business sales.


Very few do this.

And "these few" initially take a common methodology initially used to sell very large businesses (businesses worth hundreds of millions of Euros or even billions) and use it for businesses of only a few million Euros. It's like selling a Renault Clio just the same way you sell a Ferrari; or a small fishing boat just like an oil tanker. Sometimes they succeed.

Like I said, we're not experts.


We will not speak to you "academically."

We will not "teach" you what to do and how to do it.

But we will tell you about our experience and we will present you with ideas resulting from our discussions with other Entrepreneurs. We will tell you about the things that worked for us, on the one hand, and the failures we learned from, on the other.

The focus will be on mistakes.


It’s not because we look at things in a negative way.


We do it so you don't repeat our mistakes.

We believe that if you can avoid these mistakes, you will only gain because it can't be bad anymore. :-)

What we want is simple: to accompany you until the end of the sale of your business, where we can see you with a big smile on your face.

Nothing else matters.


That's why we chose to serve you as best we could. It's like you're the only man on Earth.

Only you.


We are not the buyers of businesses, because we are not "double agents."


During this process we, as a company, will earn some money.

We will always tell you the truth, no matter the consequences, just like Morpheus in the Matrix: "Remember: all I'm offering is the truth, nothing more."

Then you will be able to draw your own conclusions. Act, if you think it’s right for you.


If this sounds like the experience you want, then you're in the right place.



What do we do? We help Entrepreneurs find the right way out of their business when they want to or have to move on.

As I just said, in everything we do we strive to help you make your way out with a smile on your face.

This is what success looks like for us.

In order to serve Entrepreneurs as much as possible, we need the best colleagues. Entrepreneurs do too.

These people are rare. The good ones are even less common.

So, we have to stay a small company.

And because we will remain a small company, we choose to serve a small number of Entrepreneurs in selling their businesses.

We want to be indispensable to them and to be seen as the best alternative. Maybe even the only one.

Was the truth too raw? Too direct? Not embellished?

Get used to it because it will continue to be this way.

We will communicate directly, bluntly.

And you should do the same with us. We support criticism.

We really appreciate it more than the praise because it doesn't let us drift from what we set out to do. (OK. I admit. We also like appreciation. We're human after all. We "live" for months from a sincere appreciation.)

You can write to us often, about anything. Or just about what you don't like about us. Thank you in advance.

Let's get back to things. I kind of got derailed...

If you got yourself into business, sooner or later, one way or another, you will have to get out of it.

"With your shield–or on it," as Plutarch said. This was the wish of Spartan mothers when their sons went to war, to return home whether with the shield in hand, or carried on the shield in death.

You likely chose to go into business many years ago. If you are lucky (and I say you are, since you are still reading these lines) you will be able to choose how you will get out of your business.

True success will only be when your adventure ends with a Happy Ending.

In short, you only have a few business exit options, as you can see in the image below:

Cum poti iesi din afacerea ta Complet 80

We consider it a fundamental idea. That's why we've incorporated this image into many of our pages.

The "story" we always hear from the Entrepreneurs we work with and get to know is, in general, something like this:

“He is so absorbed in his business, in its development, that he sacrifices everything without realizing it at that moment.”

Divorce follows somewhat normally.

Stress - the same.

Financial worries ... don't even have to be mentioned.

“He invested everything he valued most in his business: money, time, work. Even his personal home was mortgaged for a loan used in his business.”

But it didn't matter at the moment. Things were going well.

Year after year, maybe even better.

But there comes a time when something happens. Something is "breaking." Things are no longer the same.

Suddenly it becomes more and more difficult to keep the business "on its feet." What was once simple, even pleasant, is now felt to be a burden that he desperately wants to get rid of.

He wants to sell.

But to whom?

At what price?

Who can he call for help?

How long could it take to really get out of his business?

And how much will he earn - financially in the first place - from all this work of years or even decades?

In dire need or in a hurry, the entrepreneur starts talking to his friends, acquaintances and relatives about selling his business.

The most important question is, "Do you know anyone who would like to buy it?" possibly followed by "Wouldn't you be interested in...?"

But this rarely works.


Mainly because his business has big problems. It is not ready for sale and those he asked to buy it are not really investors.

Then he searches on Google for words like "sell business", "business for sale" and he reaches the plethora of sites with nothing but business sales ads.

Posting his business in an ad somehow seems like the natural step.

He only has to wait about 18 months and his business will finally sell. At least that's what he thinks after reading such ideas on those ad sites.

Does it take time? Well, sure. He has time.

After all, what does it cost? Nothing. It's free to list your business. But who will see it?

Eventually, he will have to pay a few tens of Euros for his ad to be highlighted. Piece of cake.

He will be called over the next few months by all kinds of "bargain lovers" and by intermediaries.

The first ones upset him. He accepts the intermediaries.

He has a great idea! He agrees to collaborate with the intermediaries but only on the basis of a successful commission. He doesn't lose anything because it doesn't cost him. And of course the intermediaries will be very motivated to find buyers because otherwise they will not earn anything.


The intermediaries will also place a simple ad on another website and will just wait for their phone to ring.

And the circle repeats itself: other "bargain lovers" and other intermediaries.

I wrote more about how much an entrepreneur will lose from the value of his business after 1 year of online ads. You can read the article here. You will probably be shocked to find out (but it's worth it.)

Time passes...

After 6-12 months, the entrepreneur realizes that he will not be able to sell his business.

Only then will he turn to someone who knows what needs to be done and does those things.


Only then will he be willing to pay for those services the same way he paid for anything else, not just a successful commission. (In fact, the success commission or success fee is just a bonus, an extra motivation for success, not the fee base.)

Now the chances of selling his business are much higher. Not 100% because it's simply not possible to give that guarantee. But it’s at least 10 times bigger.

Very few Entrepreneurs do this right from the start. There are even fewer who prepare their business for sale when things are going well, although we all know the proverb that says “prepare a sleigh in summer and a cart in the winter.”

Fortunately, we are a small company.


We serve a small number of Entrepreneurs.


So we don't need many customers. (Is that so?)

In fact, we only need a few dozen. (Sincerely!)


We only need the few Entrepreneurs who really want to sell their business and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

We only need those Entrepreneurs who want to be 100% involved in the process and will remain so until the end.

As Entrepreneurs and Creators we will serve the few who want to achieve concrete results in the shortest possible time.

Luckily, it will always be such people - like Dan.

We have been working in this field for 4-5 years (and counting).

We are not experts. We are entrepreneurs, like you, concerned with selling businesses.

At the beginning we called ourselves "experts" because "that's what everyone did." Not anymore.

We are still learning, testing, and recommending what works and what eliminates the most costly mistakes.

We believe that staying small is the key to a service that Entrepreneurs will be delighted with. It's also the key to counting in a world full of tricks and bad solutions.

Our mission: to serve Entrepreneurs, Today's Heroes. Everything we do is to help them get out of their business with a big smile on their face.

If you are thinking about selling your business in the near future or preparing it for sale in order to sell it quickly and at a premium price (when you want to sell or you have to sell it) then we think you’ll love what you’ll find here, at The Time to Sell.

We are probably not the best in the world at selling businesses - although we want to be and strive for it every day. But we are good at finding investors to take over small or medium-sized businesses, as others do not.

In addition, we prepare businesses for sale. During these preparations Entrepreneurs themselves become much more attentive to what creates real value for their business. They become better at everything they do and more appreciated by those around them.

Thus not only will their business become more valuable but they in turn move to the "next level" as people and as Entrepreneurs.

We can help you in this regard.

If all of this resonates with you, stick around.

I’m so glad you stopped by and read this so far. You're probably among those people we're looking to serve. And ... who knows? Maybe we'll meet soon and get to work together.

Look around our blog. See if what we have is for you. Reach out and say “Hey!” anytime. We read all of our emails.

If you have subscribed to our waiting list or subscribed to our emails and you want to make the changes we mentioned, we are here to serve you–to help you throughout the entire process.

Welcome to our small world!

Feri Lorincz from The Time To Sell

Feri Lorincz

(Entrepreneur, not expert)